Big Night has voluntarily and proactively decided to pause operations at all of our 17 venues, which span two states and four cities, until May 4th.

While we found business to be robust this weekend, and our guests predominantly young and healthy, something just doesn’t feel right about remaining open at this time. The thought of contributing even one person to the “now infected” statistics is gut wrenching – and by staying open we are, of course, a contributing factor.

We cannot help but think of our parents, grandparents, and so many friends we love who are older and susceptible to this virus. We cannot endanger anyone in the interest of business, let alone those we love.

“Safety before profits” has always been one of our guiding mantras. How could we overlook that belief in such trying times? We simply cannot.

We understand that closing may not be an option for every business, and it is unclear if it’s even the best for our business. We are working through that now and only time will tell. This will no doubt be a painful time for our company from top to bottom, but we are confident that we will come back stronger and bigger than ever.

What’s clear though is that our business was built on the shoulders of people we love – family, mentors, friends, investors, loyal customers, long time vendors, and our nearly 1500 best-in-class employees – whose health and lives are our primary concerns.

Big Night. Big Mind. Big Heart. Big Love.